A Passionate Leader in Healthcare - Dedicated to Ensuring Efficient Medical Billing

Meet Mandy Holland, a seasoned leader in healthcare with over two decades of experience across various industry facets. Starting from patient intake to mastering revenue cycle management, Mandy’s journey embodies dedication and expertise.

Her diverse background spans primary care to specialties like orthopedics and mental health, granting her a holistic understanding of provider needs. At American Physician Services, Mandy integrates cutting-edge technology to optimize billing processes, ensuring transparency and maximizing revenue for clients nationwide.

Beyond her business, Mandy remains actively engaged in the healthcare community, staying informed of industry developments to offer top-tier services. Her unwavering commitment to supporting providers alleviates their financial burdens, allowing them to focus on patient care.

With Mandy at the helm, American Physician Services stands as a trusted partner for medical billing, offering efficient solutions tailored to provider success. If you seek reliable billing services, trust Mandy and her team to support your journey towards financial prosperity while delivering exceptional patient care.